China Life

Hi there!

Wow it has been awhile since I have posted any recipes on here and while I could list off the many excuses I can come up with to explain my absence…I am not.  Life happened.

Last post I created was in June… since then SO much has happened.  David and I did a massive road trip up the West Coast from Sacramento, California to Vancouver, Canada.  We ate pizza  and drank beer in Oregon.



Got stuck in a traffic jam in Seattle and then almost moved to Blaine, Washington, because it was so beautiful and open and basically it almost stole our hearts.


After attending our good friends wedding in Washington, we trucked it on up to Vancouver where we almost couldn’t find a hotel to stay in because low and behold, One Direction was in town.  I had NEVER seen so many lurking teenage girls before in my life.  Lucky for us, we hid out in The Flying Pig and had a mouth watering meal and some wine.  Okay maybe a bottle or two.

After that, we made it back home and decided that since we survived driving together through 3 states and 2 countries, we should head down Highway 1 and camp in Big Sur.

Those of you who know us know that this trip included lots of hiking, drinking, and eating.  Anyone who wants to know where we hiked and camped leave a comment!

When we got home reality caught up with us.  It was August and every teacher out there knows what that means…back to work!


This year I am a Fourth grade teacher.  I have 34 little lovelies who amaze me every single day. Yes that’s right, 34! They are also the inspiration for all of my vacations and kitchen explorations.  A girls gotta unwind and escape every now and then.

December consisted of a trip to JAMAICA!  Happy one year anniversary trip, my Masters in Education graduation present, David’s Credential graduation present, and what the heck let’s through in my 24th birthday present too while we are at it.  We know how to celebrate.

Moving on to the good stuff.  (Uh huh it gets better!)  If you have read my about me section, you know that I am a traveler. It is in my blood.  It has to be.   I don’t have any other explanation for my intense desire to explore and travel the world.  And top it all off, David and I have decided to take it a step further.  WE ARE MOVING TO CHINA!


Yes, you read that correctly. China. CHINA!


To try and answer all the questions about to explode out of your mouth, I will fill you in on all the details.

We have been wanting to teach abroad since before we were married.  After David earned his teaching credential, we started to apply to international teaching programs.  We used a middle man agency to help us find our international dream job.  After that, it all happened so fast!

We were contacted by many international schools and after talking to them online we attended an international school job convention in San Francisco.  While we were there, we interviewed with schools from all over the world and ended up with a few job offers.

In the end, China was the ONE!  David and I will be teaching in Hangzhou, China.  We will both be teaching Pre-School and while we will have our own classes and classrooms, we will get to plan our curriculum  and grow as professionals in the field of teaching with each other.  I cannot even begin to describe how blessed I feel that I get to work and learn with my best friend.

The big move will be this July and we will be in Hangzhou for 2 years!

I will be using this blog to still post recipes.  Warning: they might have a slight Asian influence now.

I will also use it to document our life in China and all of the places and people we stumble upon.


Get ready for an adventure!



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