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Hi there and welcome to my blog!  My name is Lindsey.  I am an early childhood educator, a wife (Hi David!) , and an adventurer.  I discovered a few years ago that I have WANDERLUST in and outside of the kitchen.  It is an intense desire to explore and travel the world.  I love meeting new people, seeing new places and especially eating NEW food!!

This blog started because  I was a teacher in California, living paycheck to paycheck. Having a husband who is also a teacher gave us  lots of time off together to explore the world and try new food, but we lacked the budget that all of that traveling required, BOO!  So we brought new unique recipes into our home and tried to let the food take us to the parts of the world in which they came from.

This was all before we decided to pack up and move half way around the world to teach in China and Dubai!  This blog now serves as a purpose of documenting my life as an expatriate and avid traveler.  I hope you enjoy reading this blog and that it inspires you to travel and try new things!

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