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Ten Things I Learned In Japan

While traveling in Japan this last Spring Break, I noticed some fantastic things happening around me.

Ten things I learned in Japan:

  1. I need to buy a beige trench coat ASAP. Not a black one.  A beige one.
  2. Picnics are in.  It’s all the rage now that it’s Spring. 
  3. Men… go put on a suit.  I did not see one man in between the age 20-60 without a suit.
  4. It’s okay to eat ramen for breakfast. And lunch. Oh, and for dinner.
  5. Miso is a way of life.  It is also delicious and addictive.
  6. Don’t rush.  Take your time.  Stroll. Miss your train (another will come in 5 minutes).
  7. Take the time to look immaculate. Put those heels on and don’t you dare forget to wear eyeliner.
  8. Study window displays while shopping.  They are works of art.
  9. Drink sake.  Whenever you want and as much as you want. Hot or Cold.
  10. Work hard. Play harder. Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday is the new Friday. Take your pick.

5 thoughts on “Ten Things I Learned In Japan

  1. I am planning to go to Japan for about a week in July and am wondering if you have any suggestions for places to see/eat/stay!? Thanks!

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