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4th Grade Questions About China

Last week I spilled the beans and told my fourth grade students that I would be moving to China.  I told them that I was going to be a teacher at an international school and live there for the next 2 years.  They have always known that I have a passion for traveling and that if I could be an explorer for a living, I would.  There were a few tears and looks of horror on some faces, but overall it went better than I expected.  What I did not expect  was their curiosity and hilarious questions!

I have a very honest and open relationship with my students and I share many things about my life to seem more “human” to them and to build stronger relationships.  It has worked and I have grown very close to every single one of my 34 students.  Because of this bond we have created, they want to know EVERYTHING about my new adventure.  I answered many questions the first day I told them.  I let them know that we would continue talking about it and that they could leave me notes with questions on them if they didn’t want to ask them in front of the class.

I have to share these questions with you…

It’s not that I am making fun of them, it is that a fourth graders way of thinking truly intrigues me annnd it might also crack me up a little bit.

I hope you enjoy these entertaining and adorable questions as much as I have.

  • Can I come with you?
  • How big is your suitcase? I think I might fit. (Said with a serious face.)
  • What’s your number?
  • What’s your address?
  • Can you be my Penpal?
  • Will you forget English…?
  • Can you come visit us?
  • Will you write to the school?
  • What will you eat?…bugs?
  • Where is your new house going to be?
  • Can you write to the school?
  • Can you still pray? 
  • How will you talk to anyone?
  • Is your husband going?
  • Where is China?
  • How much does a plane ticket cost?
  • Will you come back and teach us in middle school?
  • Are there cars there?
  • Are China people nice?
  • What will you wear?
  • Do they have candy?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Are you sure you want to do this?

As you can tell there are no limits with my interested bunch of munchkins.  I can’t believe I only have 3 more weeks with them!!

2 thoughts on “4th Grade Questions About China

  1. I teach grade 3 and have taught grade 4 as well. The questions are so sweet and so typical of this age. Just love their innocence…Are they nice? Do they have cars? Ahhh… only when you teach.

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